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Exploring Bus Rental Agencies and Alternatives

How does one go about transporting a large group of people, plus their luggage, across long distances – cost effectively – in a big country like South Africa, where the major centres and towns are far apart? Not everyone owns a car or a valid driver’s licence, so hiring a fleet of small vehicles is not a cost-effective option.

Rail Travel and Public Transport

One should keep in mind that the long-distance passenger rail service in the country is no longer the best option for some persons, and alternative public transport facilities are lacking or virtually non-existent?

The Minibus

Minibuses cannot accommodate your group. If fully loaded, passengers in minibuses sit very close together. There’s very little leg room or space in which to adjust one’s position periodically, as one tends to do on a journey. Moreover, you’d need a few such vehicles, depending on the number of people you need to transport.

Air Travel

Flying is beyond the means of many people, especially once one adds on airport taxes and the cost and inconvenience of getting all the travellers to an airport in good time for a scheduled flight. A commercial flight takes passengers from one airport near a major city to another. Passengers still require some form of road transport to reach their actual destinations, which may be far from an airport.

Sourcing a Bus/Coach Rental Agency

Clearly, road transport by means of a vehicle which accommodates all group members in one go, such as a bus or coach, is the best option. However, where do you go from here, besides knowing where you and your group wish to go?

Unless you’ve heard of SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals or previously made use of our agency’s rental services, you’d most probably ask around amongst your acquaintances, consult the Yellow Pages or most likely – try to find bus rental agencies on the internet.

At SA Coach Charters and Bus Rentals, our role is, as mentioned, that of a rental agency, not a fleet owner. In our position as a leading rental agent in South Africa, we’ve established and maintained sound business relationships with a variety of reputable bus and coach rental companies, with whom we negotiate on your behalf when you wish to hire such vehicles.

We work on a win-win formula. Firstly, the rental company gains a customer. Secondly, we find the best, most cost-effective deal or package (with this company) for you and your group, according to your specific requirements, day and time of departure, proposed route and destination.

Lastly, but of greatest importance, you’re able to arrange your trip without stress, hassle, or wasting time and money on umpteen enquiries. Best of all, you’re able to accomplish much of this by simply filling in a few details on our Transport Request page elsewhere on this website.

Best of all, you select the bus of your choice in accordance with your budget. Don’t forget to indicate whether or not you’ll require a driver.

Bus and Coach Selection

• 7 – 9 seater luxury vehicle
• 10 – 14 seat touring minibus

• 15 – 18 seat luxury midi bus

• 15 – 22 seater semi-luxury midi bus

• 22 – 28 seat luxury mini coach

These first five options each include a trailer, allowing passengers to sit comfortably without being encumbered with luggage.

• 28 – 32 seater full luxury coach

• 34 – 40 seat full luxury coach

• 44 – 52 seat full luxury coach

• 56 – 61 seater luxury coach

• 60 – 70 seat midi luxury coach with front engine

• 60 seater semi-luxury bus – with or without air conditioning

• 60 – 80 seat commuter bus with trailer

Enjoy your Journey

At SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals, our agency will be only too happy to provide you with a quote, guidance and whatever other assistance you require. You and your party can sit back and enjoy your journey, knowing that everything is in place and in order.

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