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Take Advantage of Bus Rentals for Your Employees

Whether you are in town for a conference, organising a corporate picnic or holding your year-end function, you want to make sure that everyone gets to where they need to go and back again safely. While you could make everyone use their own car to get to the destination and back, it would just leave you with a bunch of other considerations. You may end up paying many times the same amount of fuel for each of your employees’ cars, as well as spending a lot of money on parking fees.

Aside from those costs, you will also have to worry about the safety of your employees on the road. Will everyone make it on time? What if someone gets lost or has a breakdown along the side of the road at night? Do you really even want to deal with these possibilities? There is a better way to arrange for the transport of a group of your employees. Bus rentals are an inexpensive, secure and reliable way of organising bulk transport for a group of people, and your employees will thank you for it.

What are the Advantages of Bus Rentals?

There are tangible benefits to taking up bus rental. First of all, you can rest assured, knowing that all of your guests will arrive at the venue safely and at the same time. Professional bus drivers are experienced. They know what it takes to offer you a great transportation service, and will go the extra mile to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You do not have to worry about assigning any designated drivers, since the need for anyone else to drive is entirely negated. Your trip starts from the moment that the bus pulls away and you can enjoy the company of your friends, family, colleagues or employees right away. Everyone can leave the event at the same time and make it home safely together.

Another benefit is to save money on the transportation of large groups of people. Whether you have twenty, fifty or seventy people who need to travel to the same destination, they can all fit into a bus that travels the journey. No need to send ten cars to the same venue and pay ten times the fuel. Aside from that, you can also look forward to an enjoyable and luxurious trip with cutting-edge and luxury buses.

Bus rental vehicles are developed to provide you with the best and most luxurious trip possible. At SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals, our vehicles are kitted with on-board fridges, integrated CD and DVD players and bathroom facilities, in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Choose SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals for Affordable Bus Rental throughout South Africa

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles available that can cater to any sized group, from three to seventy people. Our vehicles are fully serviced and offer unparalleled luxury. We are proud of our extensive service offering that also includes airport transfer and charter hire.

Our company accesses a pool of all the registered bus rental and coach hire companies in the southern Africa region, which makes it easier for us to quickly provide you with the best rates available on the market. Now, you can know that you are paying the best possible rates that the market has to offer. We are passionate about our sector and about offering you exceptional value for money. Contact us for affordable and luxury bus rentals, and make sure that your group arrives in style and comfort, and returns safely.

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