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Why Bus Rentals Benefit South Africans

At SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals, we’re often asked whether there’s a difference between a bus and a coach, and if so, what it is. In South Africa and elsewhere across the world, it appears that people tend to use these two words interchangeably.

You may wonder whether this is simply a question of semantics. We agree that there appears to be some confusion. Nevertheless, if we were to don our language purist hats, there are similarities and differences between buses and coaches.

The Same

Broadly speaking, buses and coaches resemble one another. Both are large vehicles which are used to transport multiple passengers simultaneously from one place to another. Passengers are charged for this service and the charges are usually commensurate with the distance travelled.

Different Services and Amenities

Although we include bus rentals amongst the rental agency services which we arrange on behalf of our clients, most buses seen in urban areas usually operate according to set schedules. As public transport operators, they ferry commuters or scholars who pay for each trip, depending on where they board and disembark along the bus’s set route.

Buses, therefore, often stop at “bus stops”, as the stopping points are known in South Africa. Typically, buses are basic vehicles, devoid of creature comforts and additional luxuries. Two of the bus models which are offered by SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals are the exception to the provision of bare basics. Both of these are of semi-luxury standard; the only difference between the two is that one is equipped with on-board air conditioning, while the other is not.

Coaches, on the other hand, are associated with semi- or full-luxury appointments, certainly beyond the rather rudimentary standards of bus interiors. As a result, bus rentals cost less than coach charters. As a rule, coach travel is far more comfortable than being transported on a bus, especially if the trip is a lengthy one and the unwritten rule of “you get that for which you pay” applies.

Even though rental buses are also used for the same purpose, coaches are most often chartered for longer trips or journeys. All coach passengers board at the point of departure and leave the coach at its final destination.

Coaches stop less frequently, mainly doing so to refuel, allow passengers to walk about and stretch their legs, visit the bathroom at the stopping point, and/or have a sit-down meal or snack in the venue’s restaurant or coffee shop.

Creature Comforts

Keep in mind that different bus and coach fleet owners equip their vehicles with a variety of conveniences and creature comforts. Charter coaches may feature the following facilities:

• Air conditioning. • On-board toilet. • DVD players. • Internet access (wireless). • Music. • Water cooler. • Fridge. • Large, well-padded deluxe seats, which may recline. • Expansive windows to allow for panoramic views of the passing landscape and features. • Windows tinted to keep passengers comfortable and minimise the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. • Ample leg room. • Huge luggage compartments in the space below the floor of the passenger cabin. • Powerful, quiet engine – no intrusive engine sounds inside the coach. • Excellent shock absorber system for a smooth ride.

Benefits of Rental Bus Travel

• One vehicle transports multiple people, with/without their luggage. • An internet article states that a fully occupied passenger can save the environment from the toxic emissions of the equivalent of up to 55 cars, so rental bus travel is exceptionally eco-friendly. • Luxury buses and coaches are the perfect vehicles for transporting holiday makers, tour groups, business groups, school tours, sports teams and large groups of sightseers and pensioners. • Passengers are able to view the countryside all along the entire route, getting to know this amazing country, South Africa, in all its nuances.

SA Coach Charters & Bus Rentals will source the best package for your group, whatever the nature of your journey.

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