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Luxury and Semi Luxury Coach Hire in Johannesburg

Public transport has never been something for anyone to get excited about in South Africa. For the most part, our public transport options have been shocking, and even then, the service has been quite outrageously expensive too. Luckily things are changing and coach hire in Johannesburg has seen quite a turnaround in recent years. When planning a group activity, event or trip it, can sometimes save a great deal not only in petrol, but also in terms of planning and safety if you choose to hire a coach for the occasion.

As road accidents and negligent driving becomes more of a problem in South Africa, so does the tolerance of traffic police towards it. If you are planning a short or long distance trip where you are concerned about safety on the road, it is best to seek out alternative travel arrangements where safety is guaranteed.

There are many reasons why you should consider a coach hire in Johannesburg, rather than a self-drive arrangement. For starters, by hiring a bus you are ensuring that the entire group leaves and arrives at the same time. Those who would have been travelling alone will feel safer knowing that they are being transported as part of the group and will not be at risk should they get lost, or have an accident along the way. Also, if you are planning on having alcohol served at the event that you are attending, you can ensure that none of your guests put themselves and others at risk by driving while under the influence.

What Type of Coach Charters Do We Offer?

At SA Coach Charters and Bus Rentals we do not hire out our own vehicles. We find the best deal for you with leading rental companies serving the area. This means that we take the time to find a hire package that is well suited to your travel needs and your available budget. This also means that we can accommodate the needs of any sized group, regardless of the distance you are travelling.

The coach charters are unlike those of years gone by with a bad reputation. We will only bring the best luxury and semi luxury bus hire options to you. This means that you can expect luxuries such as air conditioning, on board toilet facilities, built in CD and DVD players and so on. The windows are generally tinted to provide you with the perfect opportunity to have a sleep while en route, should you feel the need. If you have any special needs or requests, rest assured that we will do our best to make these arrangements for you.

Safety is a top priority for our team and we will ensure that a well-rested and experienced long distance driver is made available for your trip. You can make arrangements with your driver to stop at certain sightseeing points or view points along the way. You can also request refreshment stops to get snacks and stretch your legs and so on. You will find that the drivers available are very accommodating and will make your trip as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

Our key focus areas at SA Coach Charters and Bus Rentals include providing transport solutions for inbound tours, corporate transfers in the event of team building groups and launches, transfers for sports events and year end functions, various tours such as those to the Namaqualand and school field and sports trips. Of course if you have any other need for transportation, we would be more than delighted to assist you.

Make sure that your travel group arrives safe and is transported in road worthy, serviced and safe vehicles. Save on petrol costs and the stress of trying to co-ordinate an entire group with travel directions and trip safety guidelines. At SA Coach Charters and Bus Rentals you can expect for us to present you with an all-inclusive coach hire package that caters to your every transport and travel need.

Contact us at SA Coach Charters and Bus Rentals and chat to us about your options when it comes to coach hire in Johannesburg. We are standing by to make your public and group transport endeavours simpler and more affordable.

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